Sharing Your Story In Essay

I think that probably one of the most challenging things for every student who is embarking on this writing process to try to figure out you know there are so many other students like me or there’s so many students without amazing stories and I think I think you have to think of it that you’re not trying to necessarily make your life into a movie script or maybe the more exciting that is or to make it more dramatic or a tragic you might think that well that person overcame that obstacle and I don’t have anything quite like that in my life to talk about but I think that the way that you can write a story the way that you approach it is almost just as important as the content of what you write and what I mean by that is that there may be certain mundane details about your life maybe you go to a particular library after school every day and that place is sort of like your second home or something like that that is really indicative of kind of you know your present-day life and kind of your everyday existence in a way and even though they it may feel like like a Mende part of your life the way that you decide to write about it can still make it very compelling and interesting to us.

And it really there is something that we always tried to tell students is to show and not tell and so you won’t just you wouldn’t necessarily just say oh I I go to the library every day but you might just say like it’s 3:20 again and I’m sitting in like the bread booth in the library reading you know trying to catch up on my notes from the class earlier today and you know just using descriptive details to make the story come alive and it’s not necessarily yours everything arrghh erratic but what I’m trying to say is that you’re showing kind of the reader a little snippet of what your life is like you’re not just telling us like I’m amazing and I do these amazing things you’re showing us by describing these kind of details and I think that’s the way that you can make your essay stand out you have an amazing story and amazing obstacles that you have overcome you definitely encourage you to share that.

But what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t try to make up a story that doesn’t is not that big to your life right and you shouldn’t feel pressured to have to share a hardship story or some obstacle that you’ve overcome you know we that’s not a requirement you know for our application or for any college application that you’ll be writing in the future so feel free to share what you’re comfortable with and try to think about and from the standpoint of what you want to what you want us to know and what you want to share versus what you think we want to read and what we’re expecting from you and I think that will really help with the authentic voice piece and kind of keeping your story you know about you.