A Writer`s Position

What questions we got what’s going on on ┬áby the way what’s going on a need to any questions are you guys doing sharing your phone numbers no questions in the introductory paragraph asked depend can we say the writers position well there was no writers position in that question prompt that we looked at it just said some people believe this some people believe this what do you believe so that was in fact in no position and we need to choose a position and we need to argue for that position right through the essay from introduction to conclusion.

Do we need to mention our opinion in the body as well or just enough in the conclusion no we mentioned it twice we mentioned it in the in the third sentence of the introduction and the second sentence of the conclusion that’s enough to do it the man Rinda louis but does a low spelling score reduce the writing score if yes then how much well interesting I took the PT and I got 90 in writing and in fact I got 90 in all of the reading writing listening speaking my spelling score embarrassingly enough with 68 how is it possible that I got a spelling score of 68 and a writing score of 90.

Well what I think is this you know when you’re writing in Microsoft Word and you spell a word just a little bit wrong and you get the red line underneath and it you know a word like necessary for example maybe I missed an s fine so the computer knows what you’re trying to spell so it sort of gives you the benefit of the doubt and I think the p te gives you the benefit of the college essay help nz doubt but if you write a word and misspell it so poorly that the computer actually doesn’t know what you’ve written then your writing score will decrease so if you’re if you’re a good speller don’t worry too much about spelling if you’re really bad speller worry or get help rather okay okay so I know and asks can we have a conclusion that’s a balanced conclusion where you don’t come to a conclusion.

Where you just say are they they’re both right no you have to choose the side it’s kind of strange maybe choose a side just choose a side that’s what you have to do me alarm says I thought but that we shouldn’t use words like I in the essay hmm in my opinion absolutely you should met not much though I just do it once in that final sentence of your conclusion you say in my opinion why do you do that because in the question prompt it says talk about personal experiences or give your opinion how can you give your opinion if you don’t say my so you’re allowed to do it just not too much just do it once I suggest either ode asks J can I start my conclusion with the phrase in conclusion yes yes you can that would be good there’s a lot of flexibility.