Sharing Your Story In Essay

I think that probably one of the most challenging things for every student who is embarking on this writing process to try to figure out you know there are so many other students like me or there’s so many students without amazing stories and I think I think you have to think of it that […]

Composition Of A Persuasive Essay

We’re going to show you how to take your persuasive paragraphs expand them add detail and turn them into full-blown persuasive essays multi paragraph here’s what we know so far if you’ve paid attention to the first part of this presentation you already know that persuasive writing is intended to convince the reader of the […]

A Writer`s Position

What questions we got what’s going on on  by the way what’s going on a need to any questions are you guys doing sharing your phone numbers no questions in the introductory paragraph asked depend can we say the writers position well there was no writers position in that question prompt that we looked at […]